Fearless Freedom

Becoming Soulfire : Book One


Frank's Notes:
This is my friend Soulfire's first book! It's an excellent read that chronicles some of the experiences that made her the amazing person she is! It's jam packed with inspiration, humor and honesty.

Publisher's Writeup
This is the story about a girl who changed her life. She has embraced her spiritual name, SoulFire, on every level, and has courageously written this autobiography in hopes that it will inspire, heal, and awaken others to the Divinity within their free hearts. She understands what its like to walk the Earth feeling alone, lost, unloved, and unwanted, and has risen above the anguishes of abandonment throughout every chapter of her life. She also knows that we did not come here to suffer, we came here to thrive. As spiritual alchemists, we need the darkness to find the light and our true freedom. Being a spiritual seeker since childhood, she has never stopped questioning, studying, and learning. Referencing the ancient teachings of yoga and timeless wisdom, with vulnerability and quirky humor, she shares her experiences of being a single mother, growing up as an adopted child, healing her back and neck disabilities, going through bankruptcy, and at times feeling utter despair. However, she has risen above it all, like the Phoenix Bird, and is a walking demonstration of how one can overcome adversities by using them as portals for discovery. We all have the power to heal ourselves. As we heal, the world heals. The dawning of the new Earth is here now, beckoning us to awaken from our spiritual slumber, and re-remember our Divine magnificence! Journey into your authentic Self through these pages. Rediscover the beautiful, powerful, and loving soul that you truly are. You are the cage and you are the key. Ignite your soul fire and be free!

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